Race Policy

Yes, it’s a bummer we have to have them written down, but rules are design to keep everyone safe and to ensure everyone has a great time!

Refund, Deferral, Waitlists Policy:

  • Registrations are non-transferable, and no credits or refunds will be issued.
  • You cannot defer your race entry to a future year or to another race.
  • There are no waitlists.
  • You can move up or down in distance at anytime to an event that isn’t sold out.
  • No credit provided for the difference in entry fee if you decide to move down in distance.
  • To drop out or move down in distance, send us a note via our Contact Us form.
  1. Runners must stay on designated route. The designated route will be marked with pink surveyor’s ribbon, flour arrows, and black arrows on yellow signs on stakes/posts.
  2. No Pacers. You cannot have someone assist/run with you for parts or all of the race. There is an exception to this rule for those requiring a guide runner for visual impairments. Please email the race director to advise of the guide runner.
  3. Runners may only receive aid at designated aid stations and/or within 50 meters of the designated aid stations. Yes, you can fill up your water bottles at creeks and other water sources but you should always treat your water as we cannot guarantee it will be safe to drink. Also, being that we’re going through a drought right now, water source other than aid stations might be sparse. Aid station water is from Old Victoria Water Company. Crews are allowed to assist athletes at aid stations; however, pacing is not permitted anywhere along the course.
    • Pacing is defined as any runner who accompanies an entrant for a distance of greater than 100m at one time.
  4. Hiking poles are not permitted.
  5. No littering. Any athlete caught maliciously littering will be disqualified. This is a pack-in-pack-out race.
  6. Sorry, dogs are NOT allowed to run with participants. Dogs can be at the event, but must be on leash at all times. This is in accordance with Parks regulations.
  7. No smoking allowed. This is an athletic event and we want to keep it healthy. Not to mention we don’t want cigarette or marijuana butts or starting any fires.
  8. One ear bud in only please. You can run the race with music but you can only have one earbud in at all times. This is for your safety!
  9. No being an arse! Being rude to race staff, volunteers, other trail users and/or Park Staff can get you disqualified from this race and future races!
  10. Being intoxicated will get you kicked out and banned from future races. We take safety seriously and don’t want to create any liability for us or anyone involved in the event. This goes for both runners and volunteers!
  11. Race entries are non-refundable, non-transferable and no credits will be given. We’re a small race and every penny is accounted for to ensure we put on an amazingly epic and safe event. Many things are pre-paid months in advance (such as permits, insurance and various other deposits) and we don’t have the capacity to issue refunds. Entries are non-transferable – meaning you cannot sell, give or trade your entry to anyone else and we cannot defer your entry to the next year’s event.
  12. The Race Director has the final say in all matters and any issues that arise that are not outlined are to be resolved by the Race Director. The Race Director may need to make up a rule on the spot for any reason.

Series Rules

Please read carefully as there is some pretty nifty and important stuff in here.

1. Athletes must run in 3 of 6 races to be eligible for series prizing. Those 3 races must be in one of the distance categories. (ie. you must run 3 or more races in either in the short or long course in order to be considered for series prizing. If you run 3 short course and 3 long course, you are eligible for prizing in both distances).

2. Athletes must be in attendance at the series final race in the Qualicum Bay to claim series prizes. If not able, will roll down the prizes to the 2nd place up to the 5th place athlete.

3. Athletes who did not register for a season pass are still eligible for series prizes.

4. Cobble Hill and Mt. Washington are worth double points!

5. Series points are awarded from 1st to 10th place in each 10 year age group.

6. The 3 people with the most points in each 10 year age group will win some sweet series prizes from our sponsors. The more you race, the more points you earn!

More questions? Please ask!